The Lending Tree: How to Snag a Small Business Loan from a Bank

by Rayna Gokli March 10 2009, 16:08
I. Introduction

Unless a new business owner is a millionaire or has an angel investor, a small business loan is almost always a necessity to get the business off the ground. The amount of labor that goes into starting a small business is a feat in and of itself. However, without the financial backing of a small business loan issued from a bank, all other efforts at starting the business may be fruitless. This article will discuss how to obtain a small business loan from a bank. First, it will discuss the preparation that goes into receiving a small business loan from a bank. Second, it will discuss ways to approach the in person meeting with a loan officer or bank employee. Third, it will discuss the pros and cons of different loan options. Finally, it will conclude by discussing how to manage debt throughout the process of starting a new business. [More]

The Wall Street Bonus Culture: Well-Deserved Benefit or Unnecessary Waste?

by Rayna Gokli February 17 2009, 17:37

Recent headlines that Wall Street investment banking executives have received billions of dollars in bonuses, just months after the federal government has given these same firms billions of dollars in bailout money, has greatly increased skepticism about acceptable methods of awarding bonuses. [1] President Obama condemned the awarding of these exhobirtant bonuses. "That is the height of irresponsibility. It is shameful. And part of what we're going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint and show some discipline and show some sense of responsibility." [2] However, many individuals on the flip side of the coin believe these bonses are imperative to the success of the banking business. [3] This article will discuss the arguments for and against seemingly inflated bonus plans by delving into the most common types of compensation plans and their relation to the current economic crisis on Wall Street. [More]

Non-Compete Agreements: Friend or Foe?

by Rayna Gokli November 5 2008, 21:05
I. Introduction

In today's economical climate, the excitement of finding a new job can be overwhelming. Additionally, In the rush of starting work, it is easy to skim the fine print of a contract without fully understanding its terms. Non-compete agreements in employment contracts can cause much unnecessary and hardship on an individual once that individual chooses to switch jobs. Additionally, while it may seem unintuitive that an individual cannot use skills learned at one job to advance his career at another job, many companies rely on non-compete clauses to limit just that. This article will discuss the non-compete agreements generally, the history of non-compete agreements, and the legal standards state courts use in examining non-compete agreements. It will then discuss how to enforce and contest non-compete agreementsare. Finally, it will conclude by giving advice for the employer or employee who is unsure about how to approach a non-compete agreement. [More]

The First Step to Success: Securing Funding For Your Small Business

by Rayna Gokli September 30 2008, 21:10
I. Introduction

Anyone who has considered starting a new business can attest to the excitement that comes along with being one's own boss, setting one's own hours, and turning a personal dream into reality. However, once the initial thrill wears off, the daunting task of ensuring enough preliminary funding and finding continued financing for the business can quickly turn this dream into a nightmare. This article will discuss the ways in which a small business can obtain initial funding and continued financing. First, it will stress the importance of creating a substantial business plan to which potential investors and sources of funding can look to learn about the business. Second, it will discuss debt options for funding and financing a business. Third, it will discuss equity options for funding and financing a business. Finally, it will conclude summarizing the options for funding for a start-up business and continued financing of a new business. [More]

Is a Franchise for You? Making the Right Decision on Starting a Franchise

by Rayna Gokli April 15 2008, 21:12
I. Introduction

Starting a franchise can be a lucrative business. However, franchising is also an expensive start-up venture and can have significant legal consequences if not done properly. This article will first define a franchise and discuss the different types. It will then discuss financing a franchise and the legal issues of starting a franchise. Finally, the article will conclude by discussing the best way to go about starting a franchise. [More]

Liability Protection: The Keystone of a Successful Business

by Rayna Gokli March 8 2008, 21:13
I. Introduction

For an entrepreneur, starting a new business can be a fulfilling venture. However, if the company and its assets are not properly protected, the risks that come along with such an endeavor can prove to be costly. This article will first discuss the agency issues that arise in a litigious society. It will then explain the process for retaining liability insurance. Finally, it will conclude by suggesting some simple ways a new business owner can ensure he or she will receive maximum liability protection. [More]

Labor and Employment in the Workplace: A Hiring and Workplace Guide for New Business Owners

by Rayna Gokli February 13 2008, 21:15
I. Introduction

The process of starting a business that relies on outside employees is time consuming and often confusing. However, with the aid of a qualified attorney and the implementation of the proper procedures, an entrepreneur may be able to safeguard himself against many of the risks of bringing other people on board while reaping the benefits. This article will first discuss the basics of hiring a qualified employee and suggest an organization for a family run business. It will then discuss the implications of non-compete agreements, existence of trade secrets, and creation of pension plans. Finally, it will conclude by discussing the implications of retaining an attorney to aid in the employee hiring process. [More]

The Art of Registering a Business: Picking the Right Method of Registration for Your New Business

by Rayna Gokli November 14 2007, 21:16
I. Introduction

Starting a new business can be a scary venture for a new entrepreneur. Beyond picking a location, hiring personnel and establishing a clientele base, deciding how to register the business can be an important decision with lasting implications. There are five main categories under which a new business owner can register his or her new business: sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company or corporation. This article discusses the pros and cons of registering under each of the five categories and the legal implications of each option. [More]

The Rise and Fall of the Dot Com: Lessons for the Next Generation of Dot Com Hopefuls

by Rayna Gokli October 18 2007, 21:18
I. Introduction

In the middle and late 1990’s, dot com companies were all the hype. [1] However, when the dot com bubble unexpectedly popped in 2000, many investors and stockholders were left asking, “Where did we go wrong?” [2] While a few companies survived due to hard work, solid business plans and faithful employees, most lower level employees and top executives of internet companies were left jobless and in debt. [3] This article will explore the history of dot com businesses and the causes of the 2000 stock market crash, then it will discuss common mistakes made by dot com entrepreneurs and will conclude with suggestions for aspiring dot com business owners to ensure a successful future for their businesses. [More]



Securing IP Interests Means Securing a Future for Your Business

by Rayna Gokli September 20 2007, 21:21
Starting a new business can be a scary venture, especially for an inexperienced entrepreneur. [1] However, adhering to one little known business fundamental can help make the process run as smoothly as possible. [2] Specifically, securing one's intellectual property ("IP") interests from the start can secure a solid future for a new business by ensuring more funding from venture capitalists and investors. [3] IP traditionally includes patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets, all of which can be protected with the right legal knowledge or competent attorney. [4] This article explains the four types of IP interests, their advantages and disadvantages and the benefits of securing them during the start-up stage of new businesses. [More]

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