M & A’s- I’ll Drink to That

by Gary Klinger April 10 2009, 11:32

I. Introduction

Amidst the economic downturn over the world, many industries have seen a stunt in growth. In fact, during recessions, often consolidation among competing businesses within an industry is the only alternative to extinction. This is evidenced in the banking industry (i.e. Merrill Lynch sold to Bank of America in order to avoid bankruptcy) [1] as well the auto industry (i.e. Government gives Chrysler thirty day deadline to merge with Fiat). [2] Yet, in recent years, it is the beer industry that has seen more mergers and acquisitions than arguably any other sector. This article will discuss the reasoning behind the consolidation within the industry, examine the strategic approaches taken in the industry when merging with or acquiring a competitor, and finally, the future of mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s) within the brewing industry. [More]

The U.S. Financial Crisis: Is Legislative Action the Right Approach?

by Gary Klinger March 3 2009, 14:35

[A few short years ago, there was a country experiencing significant prosperity. The flow of credit within the economy was fluid, stock prices were at all time highs, and many people were becoming wealthy in due part to real estate speculation and appreciation. As the economic outlook in the real estate market was bright, banks began granting increasingly risky loans. Eventually the bubble burst. Inflated real estate market values began to decline, lendees found themselves unable to pay back their risky loans, and the credit markets froze. As a result, government intervention came in the form of subsidizing failing banks and businesses.]

In the middle of this financial crisis facing our country, one would assume this passage is referring to the United State of America. However, this is the very similar story of the Japanese housing bubble that burst and led to what is known as the “the lost decade.” This article will briefly describe the legislative responses taken by the Japanese government to address their crisis, compare those to any similar one’s being taken by the US government in response to its own, and comment which legislative actions may succeed or fail, and why. [More]

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