Current Issue

VOLUME 35, ISSUE 2 - Winter 2014

Nonhiring and Dismissal of Senior Workers: Is It All About the Money?
Pnina Alon-Shenker  

Lay Judges and Labor Courts: A Question of Legitimacy
Pete Burgess, Susan Corby, and Paul L. Latreille

This Article draws on data for labor courts in five European countries, considering specifically national differences in the selection, training, and deployment of lay judges. In so doing the Article examines the scope for developing a theoretical framework for assessing the role of lay judges in employment adjudication from the standpoint of the legitimacy that lay judges contribute to systems of labor jurisdiction. Legitimacy is a concept with many facets, and it raises particular problems when considered cross-culturally. This Article explores in what ways lay judges can be said to add legitimacy, considers whether and to what extent cross-country comparisons can be made in this area, and identifies areas for further research.

Models of Protection of the Right of Irregular Immigrants to Back Pay: The Impact of the Interconnection Between Immigration Law and Labor Law
Elaine Dewhurst

The Laws of "Illegal" Work and Dilemmas in Interest Representation on Segmented Labor Markets: À Propos Irregular Migrants in Sweden
Niklas Selberg


NAFTA and the Politics of Labor Transnationalism, Tamara Kay
reviewed by Tequila J. Brooks