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For more than sixty years, the University of Illinois College of Law has offered a Masters of Laws program to international lawyers, having graduated more than 1,000 lawyers from across the globe. Illinois LL.M. graduates have distinguished themselves in their careers and occupy some of the senior-most positions in their countries’ judiciaries, corporations, law firms, and legal academies.

The Illinois LL.M. is taught on one of the world’s leading research universities featuring one of the largest public university libraries in the world and whose faculty includes 23 Nobel Prize faculty and alumni winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners. Nearly 150 current University faculty are members of prestigious National Academies in the United States.

The Illinois LL.M. program is grounded in the learning partnership approach, where dedicated faculty and staff together with an exceptional J.D. student body introduce LL.M. candidates to U.S. law and professional life. It is a partnership where success will require a student who is committed to professional advancement and is prepared to work towards that goal.

To apply, please complete the LL.M. application available at either LSAC or the University of Illinois Graduate College . The application fee has been waived for the 2014-15 academic year. Please select “eligible for a fee waiver” if applying through the University of Illinois Graduate College.

All applicants must complete and upload the Declaration of Finances.

Program Overview

The Illinois LL.M. program is designed to introduce international lawyers to the U.S. legal system while also providing the opportunity for further study in their own area of academic or professional interest. For students planning to take the New York bar examination, the Illinois LL.M. is fully compliant with the new requirements of the New York Board of Bar Examiners.

Program features of the Illinois LL.M. include:

  • LL.M. Law 500: Illinois LL.M. students are required to take a specially designed three-week 2-credit orientation and legal writing and research program. This course gives LL.M. students initial training in legal reasoning, writing, and analysis and introduces the student to the unique learning environment of the U.S. law school. Taught by College of Law faculty, students meet their faculty in a classroom setting and learn study and time management skills in small group sections. Illinois LL.M. students will also each be assigned a J.D. student mentor to help students strengthen English conversational skills and introduce students to the Champaign-Urbana area and local culture.
  • Students enroll in “Introduction to U.S. Law: The Legal Profession” in the fall. This course provides students with the history, goals, instruction, values, rules and responsibilities of the United States legal profession and its members. For students planning to take the New York Bar Examination, additional courses are available to permit students to meet New York Bar Examination requirements such as an LL.M. section of Contracts and Civil Procedure. 
    Students complete a total of 32 credit hours for the LL.M. degree. A minimum grade point average of approximately 2.75 based on a 4.0 scale is required to graduate. Grading system details may be found here.
  • Sharing classes and interacting with the J.D. students are hallmarks of the Illinois program. LL.M. students select the majority of their classes from the nearly 200 courses offered each year at the College of Law. Students can take a broad sampling of courses or concentrate in a specialty area such as business law, international and comparative law, intellectual property law, labor and employment law, law and economics, taxation law, property law, or environmental law.
  • Illinois LL.M. students have ample opportunity to build legal skills through participation in a LL.M. Negotiation Competition, LL.M. Client Counseling Competition, and dedicated skills and legal research classes.
  • Illinois Global Law Fellows: Prior to completing their degrees, students are eligible to compete for an internship opportunity at a U.S. law firm following graduation as part of the Illinois Global Law Fellows Program.

More Information:

For LL.M. and J.S.D. Admissions, please contact:

Office of Graduate and International Legal Studies
University of Illinois College of Law
244 Law Building
504 East Pennsylvania Avenue
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 333-6066

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