New book explores Professor Moore's theory of causation

Friday, March 21, 2014

A newly published book, Critical Essays on "Causation and Responsibility" (De Gruyter 2013), is based on Illinois Law Professor Michael Moore's theory of causation. The book is a collection of 14 articles by English- and German-speaking philosophers and criminal law scholars edited by Benedikt Kahmen and Markus Stepanians. These articles were drawn from several conferences and seminars held in Germany between 2010-13 that were dedicated to exploring Moore's theory of causation, as advanced in his latest book, Causation and Responsibility

The book cover describes the volume as follows: "Due to its scope and depth, Moore's Causation and Responsibility is probably the most important publication in the philosophy of law in more than 50 years. This volume offers, for the first time, a detailed exchange between legal and philosophical scholars over Moore's most recent work. In particular, it pioneers the dialogue between philosophy of law in the English-speaking world and in Germany on a broad range of pressing foundational questions concerning causation in the law."

One of the country's most prominent authorities on the intersection of law and philosophy, Michael Moore is the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Chair and co-director of Illinois' Program in Law and Philosophy. He is the first university-wide chair for University of Illinois' three campuses.