NLJ ranks Illinois 22nd in Go-To Law Schools

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The National Law Journal (NLJ)has ranked the University of Illinois College of Law 22nd in the nation in its recently released survey of “Go-To Law Schools” based on the percentage of 2013 J.D. graduates who secured positions in the nation’s largest 250 law firms. 

The College’s Top 25 showing in this highly visible industry survey reflects the second straight year that the College of Law has increased (1) its percentage of recent graduates employed at large law firms and (2) its relative ranking. 

This performance is a testament to the outstanding abilities of our students, the robust training provided by our faculty, the long-standing reputation of the College for producing top-quality lawyers, and the extensive outreach to law firms across the nation undertaken over the past several years by our Office of Career Planning and Professional Development.  And while the NLJ survey does not assess postgraduate placement within non-NLJ 250 law firms, corporations, governmental employers, or public interest entities, it is important to note that the College of Law has made considerable strides within these organizations as well, with the overarching goal of providing our students and graduates with the broadest range of professional opportunities.