The Honorable James F. Holderman Jr. ('71) Recipient of Alumni Loyalty Award

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Honorable James F. Holderman Jr. ('71) has been selected as the 2013 recipient of the Alumni Loyalty Award. "[He] is incredibly deserving of [this award], because he supports the College of Law as a mentor, leader, participant, and donor," says Judge Debra Walker ('87) who, along with Julie Bauer ('85) and Marron Mahoney ('07), nominated Judge Holderman for the award.

(left to right: Dean Bruce Smith, Judge Holderman, Pam DiCarlantonio)

In addition to his "day job" as chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Holderman has given back to the College of Law in innumerable ways. In addition to having hired alumni as law clerks, served on the College of Law's Board of Visitors, represented the College at the International Intellectual Property Law Symposium, and delivered the Convocation speech twice, Judge Holderman continues to regularly lend his time and expertise to the College's students and alumni. This year alone, he taught two courses (one with Paula Hudson Holderman, president-elect of the Illinois State Bar Association), assisted with two other professors' courses, recruited students at the Chicago Alumni & Admitted Students Reception, and worked closely with the Women's Law Society to help recruit judges to participate in their Judge Shadow Program. Additionally, Judge Holderman regularly contributes to the College of Law Annual Fund and attends the Annual Alumni Luncheon, Homecoming, and other events.

"His profound and unwavering commitment to both serving the citizens of the United States and giving back to the University of Illinois is truly unmatched," says Mahoney. 

"Judge Holderman's contributions as a jurist and judicial thought leader are significant in their own right," observed Dean Bruce Smith. "His institutional contributions to his alma mater - in the classroom, as a mentor, in recruiting students, and through his generous philanthropy - are no less monumental. As Dean of the College of Law, I am incredibly grateful for his loyalty, vision, and impact."

Law Alumni Board president Pam DiCarlantonio ('96) presented Judge Holderman with the 2013 Alumni Loyalty Award at the Annual Alumni Luncheon in Chicago on Thursday, April 18.