ABA Council Decision

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Council of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has issued a final resolution relating to the past misreporting of admissions-related data at the College of Law.

Consistent with the principal factual findings of the University of Illinois investigation concluded in fall 2011, the ABA has determined: (1) that a single former employee of the College - acting on his own initiative and contrary to institutional culture - was responsible for the misreporting at issue; and (2) that the College lacked sufficient controls to deter or detect this individual's misconduct. The ABA credited the College for self-reporting the matter and taking immediate remedial action, including the adoption of an institutional compliance plan designed to ensure the integrity of the College's data going forward. And the ABA has confirmed that the College is in full compliance with all applicable ABA Standards.

The Council imposed the following sanctions on the College of Law: (1) a public censure; (2) the requirement that the College issue a corrective statement to ABA-approved law schools sharing details of its institutional compliance plan; (3) independent compliance monitoring for a period of at least two years; (4) a $250,000 fine, dedicated to the enhancement of monitoring and compliance at all ABA-approved law schools; and (5) the early termination, effective fall 2013, of a five-year variance granted by the ABA to the College of Law in 2009 in association with its iLEAP admissions program, through which select undergraduates from the Urbana campus can matriculate at the College of Law without taking the LSAT.

We are disappointed by the sanctions imposed by the Council. The University of Illinois College of Law has been an ABA-accredited law school since 1923 and respects that historic relationship. We look forward to sharing with our peers the details of our institutional compliance plan - designed to be the most rigorous and comprehensive in the nation. With this chapter behind us, we will emerge with our core institutional qualities - a world-class faculty, outstanding students, superb staff, innovative programs, and accomplished alumni - even stronger than before.