Illinois Law Honored by Illinois Innocence Project

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At the annual Defenders of the Innocent Awards Reception on April 9, 2012, the University of Illinois College of Law, Professors Steven Beckett and Andrew Leipold, and participating students will be honored along with Southern Illinois University School of Law and Scott Turow, a lawyer and advocate for the abolition of the death penalty system in Illinois.

The University of Illinois College of Law students who will be honored are:

  • Gita Bazarauskaite
  • Steven Benathen
  • Gaston Castilleja
  • Nikhil Dandekar
  • Max DeLeon
  • Matthew Donigian
  • Jane Dudzinski
  • Sarah Endres
  • Kimberly Gipson
  • Harry Gobrecht
  • Stephanie Hall
  • Miles Harrison
  • Peter Henderson
  • Jonathon Markos
  • Yaniece McPherson
  • Rorik Moore-Jansen
  • Caty Page
  • Tim Pruitt
  • Sheng Qui
  • Chris Quinlan
  • Steve Schott
  • Caitlin Sherman
  • Emily Smart
  • Chris Tinsley
  • Hannah Weinberger-Divack

The collaboration between the College of Law and the Illinois Innocence Project has been in place since spring 2011.

Professor Beckett said, "The collaboration is an extraordinary educational opportunity for our students. As part of their education, they are able to work on real cases that could save the lives of innocent individuals here in Illinois. In the process, they learn about criminal law, appellate advocacy, and the type of work that real cases entail."