News Archive - 2007



12/19/2007 USA Today: Professor Lawless on Federal Reserve stepping in on mortgage policies
12/14/2007 WBBM-AM 780/AP: Professor LeRoy on steroid scandal in baseball
12/13/2007 Professor Finkin testifies before Joint Congressional Committee
12/6/2007 Professor Jacqueline Ross receives 2007-2008 Fulbright Scholar Grant
12/5/2007 Professor Davey receives honorary doctor of laws from University of Berne


11/19/2007 Illinois, Michigan, Princeton team up to host third annual Comparative Law Workshop
11/9/2007 Professor Lawrence Solum named inaugural Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
11/9/2007 NPR "Morning Edition" - Professor Fleischer on Private Equity Tax
11/8/2007 College of Law, American Bar Foundation introduce "Center on Law and Globalization"
11/7/2007 Illinois Channel to air "The Politics & Policy of School Finance Reform"
11/7/2007 "A Visit with Ambassador Marc Grossman" on "Illinois Law" - WCIA-TV
11/7/2007 Washington Post: Professor Fleischer's private equity tax testimony sparks Senate debate
11/7/2007 Chicago Sun-Times: Professor Boyle to re-nominate former Gov. Ryan for Nobel Prize
11/5/2007 Professor Colombo participates in U.S. Senate Finance Committee Non-profit Hospital Roundtable
11/2/2007 "40,000 Years in Spanish Prison?" - Professor Garoupa explains Madrid train bomb sentences
11/2/2007 Politico: Professor Fleischer challenges Congress to curtail Wall Street's biggest payouts


10/24/2007 U.S. Ambassador Marc Grossman "American Diplomacy in the 21st Century" draws capacity crowd
10/22/2007 Forbes, Wall Street Journal: Professor Ribstein on "Lawyers Don't Make Enough"
10/16/2007 BBC Radio 4: Professor Garoupa on Portuguese law and the McCann case
10/16/2007 AP, Tribune, Forbes, CNN: Professor Fleischer on private equity tax


9/20/2007 Professor Morriss on Massachusetts v. EPA on C-Span
9/18/2007 Catholic University of Leuven awards honorary doctorate to Professor Thomas Ulen
9/4/2007 University of Illinois named one of Top 20 law schools for Hispanics


8/23/2007 "7 Reasons to Leave the Party" - 1980 grad Judge Drummond's crusade to save high school students
8/3/2007 Legal Times: Professors Christine Hurt and Lawrence Solum on Blogs and Legal Scholarship


7/31/2007 Professor Charles Tabb named Interim Dean
7/30/2007 Chicago Tribune: Professor Leipold on triple murderer William Heirens' parole bid
7/20/2007 Elder Law Prof Blog: Professor Kaplan "...The man rocks. What else can I say."
7/20/2007 WCIA-TV: Professor Maggs on bringing Uni High track coach back from Russia
7/20/2007 Gannett News Service: Professor Finkin on the Internet and employees' rights
7/20/2007 Washington Post, Associated Press: Professor Lawless on Consumer Bankruptcy
7/19/2007 Illinois Law Professor Colombo cited in Senate report on tax exemption for hospitals
7/17/2007 USA Today: Professor Ribstein on KPMG case
7/17/2007 Time, Wall Street Journal, NPR "Morning Edition," NY Times: Professor Fleischer on Corporate Tax


6/25/2007 Chicago Tribune: Professor Kaplan on scams aimed at baby boomers
6/25/2007 New York Daily News: Professor LeRoy on current Major League Baseball labor climate
6/21/2007 Class of '82 conducting $1 million scholarship fund-raising campaign
6/20/2007 Professor Victor Fleischer featured as "Law Professor of the Day" in Wall Street Journal
6/18/2007 Chicago Tribune: Professor Leipold on anonymous jury in 'Family Secrets' Mob Trial
6/18/2007 College of Law announces $50 million fund-raising campaign
6/8/2007 Dean Heidi Hurd steps down after 5 years to return to faculty
6/5/2007 Associated Press, CNN, Chicago Tribune: Professor Meyer on divorce case
6/5/2007 WJBC Radio: Professor Morriss on Illinois Gasoline Prices
6/4/2007 ABA Journal: Professor Leipold on Judge v. Jury Acquittals
6/4/2007 Milwaukee Journal: Professor Morriss on ExxonMobil profits and pensions
6/4/2007 Washington Post: Professor Solum on Congress and Symbolic Laws
6/4/2007 Professor Kesan and Rajiv Shah receive Digital Government Society 'Best Paper Award'


5/28/2007 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Trial Advocacy Courtwatching Program releases 3rd annual Report
5/28/2007 USA Today: Professor Lawless on Pawnshops
5/24/2007 AP: Professor Beckett on judge's quest to reopen Philip Morris case
5/18/2007 Nature Magazine: Professor Gunsalus on Purdue research misconduct investigation
5/18/2007 Professor Lawless on "HearSay with Cathy Lewis" on consumer credit and spending
5/18/2007 Science Magazine: Professor Morriss on EPA and lead emission regulation
5/18/2007 CNBC: Professor Fleischer on "Power & Money" on taxing private equity firms
5/10/2007 Trial Advocacy Program releases Champaign County Courtwatching Report
5/8/2007 Professor Kaplan, Elder Law Journal join SEC, Federal Reserve for Senior Investor Symposium
5/7/2007 Professor Lawless on Katrina bankruptcy filings in USA Today
5/1/2007 Professor Ribstein appears on SEC panel on Proxy Process in Washington, D.C.


4/25/2007 Illinois Law Review article on Abortion (Spring 2006 Baum Lecture) in New York Times
4/25/2007 Professor Finkin on the Internet and worker's rights in Wilmington (Dela.) News Journal
4/25/2007 Professor Kaplan on WILL TV "Electing Health Care" special
4/25/2007 Professor Kaplan on Tax Law and Custodial Accounts in the National Law Journal
4/24/2007 Professor Beckett in Chicago Tribune on laws governing release of criminal information
4/17/2007 Professor Ribstein on "Criminalizing Agency Costs" in The New Yorker
4/13/2007 Illinois Law Review congratulates 12 student note authors
4/10/2007 Professor Ribstein in Time magazine on KPMG prosecution by federal government
4/10/2007 Professor Lawless on CBS News on Pawnshops


3/30/2007 Professor Ribstein on Wall Street Journal Online on Jenkens & Gilchrist and LLP structure
3/26/2007 Former Detroit mayor Dennis Archer, New Orleans Judge Arthur Hunter headline April 6 Conference
3/21/2007 Illinois faculty rank in Top 10 in 2006 SSRN Download Report
3/19/2007 Professor Colombo on lawsuit against evangelist Pat Robertson in The Virginian-Pilot
3/19/2007 Professor Lawless on diocese bankruptcy filing strategy in San Diego Union-Tribune
3/14/2007 Professor Ribstein on new corporate strategy in the American magazine
3/13/2007 Epstein Health Care Lecture April 4 welcomes FTC Commissioner William E. Kovacic
3/13/2007 Professor Ribstein and the 'Apple Rule' in The Economist
3/7/2007 College of Law celebrates significant anniversaries on April 6
3/6/2007 SBA, ABA, PILF team up to return "Service Day" April 7 - Information meeting set for March 14 at Noon in Room D


2/21/2007 Tad Armstrong '76 creates U.S. Constitution class for local citizens
2/16/2007 Professor Kesan featured in UI News Bureau story on BioBEL
2/16/2007 Professor Leipold in Arizona newspaper/TV outlets on unusual murder/rape case
2/16/2007 Professor Beckett on Sims clemency petition in St. Louis Post-Dispatch and online court records in Chicago Tribune
2/13/2007 Professor Gajda delivers lecture on media coverage of Global Warming
2/7/2007 Professor Robbennolt article receives Professional Articles Prize from CPR Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
2/7/2007 Professor Hurt's paper on online securities trading and internet gambling selected as a top 10 securities law articles
2/7/2007 Professor Solum and Legal Theory Blog cited in Yale Law Report
2/6/2007 Black Law Students Association hosts month-long "Black History Month" celebration
2/6/2007 Professor Ribstein on SEC probe into Wall Street bank employees in New York Times


1/30/2007 College of Law hosts 2007 National Trial Competition Regional
1/26/2007 Professor Beckett on courtroom demeanor in Springfield State Journal-Register
1/25/2007 U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Charles Swift speaks to standing-room only crowd at Law School
1/24/2007 Professor Kaplan on President Bush's tax treatment of employer-provided health insurance
1/24/2007 Professor Lawless on Bankruptcy in Wall Street Journal
1/24/2007 Professor Hyman's book featured on CNBC "Democrats pushing for Drug Price Talks"
1/24/2007 Professor Reynolds quoted in "Big-Box" story in January edition of ABA Journal
1/24/2007 Professor Ribstein on Enron's Jeffrey Skilling in Canadian Business
1/22/2007 2007 Convocation Event Schedule
1/22/2007 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan speaks to Illinois law students
1/12/2007 Professor Keenan working on "Globalization on the Ground" project in Kenya
1/12/2007 Professor Ribstein cited in Wall Street Journal column on Steve Jobs and backdating
1/10/2007 Professor Boyle selected "Person of the Year" by NTV Hayat in Bosnia and Herzegovina
1/10/2007 Professor Beckett live on national CBC broadcast on upcoming Conrad Black trial
1/9/2007 Professor Ginsburg provides expertise as Thailand prepares to write a new Constitution
1/8/2007 Professor Ginsburg on Thailand constitution in Bangkok Post
1/8/2007 Professor Lawless on CNN on Bankruptcy Reform Act
1/5/2007 Program in Criminal Law and Procedure hosts lecture on January 26 by U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Charles Swift
1/5/2007 Professor Colombo on NCAA non-profit tax exemption in Indianapolis Star
1/5/2007 Professor Kaplan on Medicare Part D in Arlington Heights Daily Herald
1/2/2007 Gregory D. Willard '79 serves as voice for President Ford family