News Archive - 2006



12/15/2006 Illinois law students to provide volunteer legal services to Katrina victims in New Orleans
12/15/2006 Professor Beckett on jury behavior and verdict in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
12/15/2006 Professor Freyfogle on property rights and eminent domain in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
12/15/2006 Professor Ribstein on shady hedge fund trading in Wall Street Journal
12/13/2006 Professor Williams quoted in Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Business Week on Fannie Mae suing KPMG
12/12/2006 Travis McDade on WILL-AM 580's "Afternoon Magazine"
12/12/2006 College announces 2007 Van Arsdell and Baum Elder Law Lectures
12/11/2006 "Illinois Law": An overview of the College's television show
12/7/2006 Professor Hurt in Wall Street Journal on IPO case
12/5/2006 Professor Lawless testifies on bankruptcy law before U.S. Senate Committee
12/1/2006 Professors Davey and Maggs featured in Chancellor's Conference on Russia Business and Politics


11/3/2006 Professor Kaplan presents "Who Will Pay for Long-Term Care?" at Notre Dame Symposium
11/3/2006 Career Services hosts overflow crowd for Great American Cities - New York City
11/13/2006 Professor Ginsburg on "Legally Speaking" on WGN-AM 720
11/28/2006 Professor Hyman on WILL-AM "Focus 580" on Medicare
11/21/2006 Professor Ribstein on American Public Media's "Marketplace" on Sarbanes-Oxley
11/13/2006 Professor Meyer delivers inaugural Weyrauch Distinguished Lecture in Family Law at University of Florida
11/6/2006 Professor Beckett quoted in Associated Press story on Judicial Campaigning
11/2/2006 Dr. Charlotte Ku to head Graduate and International Studies Program


10/23/2006 Professor Etienne on Skilling sentencing and constitutional rights on CNBC, Fox, CBS, Houston Chronicle
10/23/2006 Professor Kaplan quoted in CQ Researcher article "Caring for the Elderly"
10/18/2006 Professor Hyman's new book, "Medicare Meets Mephistopheles," featured on C-Span2
10/11/2006 Legal History Program hosts successful "Symposium on Comparative Early Modern Legal History"
10/10/2006 Professor Jacqueline Ross receives grant for policing strategies study from Agence Nationale de Recherche
10/9/2006 Professor Kaplan on Medicare/Medicaid in CNN/Money Magazine
10/9/2006 Professor Colombo on NCAA non-profit tax exemption in Indianapolis Star
10/9/2006 Professor Tabb on Bankruptcy Reform in Illinois News Bureau
10/9/2006 Professor Ribstein in Wall Street Journal and National Law Journal on Law Blogs


9/26/2006 Governor Jim Blanchard delivers Vacketta-DLA Piper Lecture to standing-room only crowd
9/26/2006 College to host "Consent Decree" hearing October 19
9/27/2006 Social Justice Film Series provides great movies and commentary
9/19/2006 Ribstein, Solum rank among nation's Top 50 Law Academics on SSRN
9/18/2006 Professor Ribstein featured in Cato Institute Constitution Day panel on U.S. Supreme Court
9/18/2006 Professor Hyman interviewed by United Press International (UPI) on Medicare
9/18/2006 Illinois faculty rank #11 in SSRN new downloads
9/18/2006 Illinois ranks #15 in Tax Faculty based on SSRN downloads
9/15/2006 College announces 2006-2007 Distinguished Alumnus Awards
9/13/2006 Professor Colombo cited in Senate Joint Committee report on Tax-Exempt Status of Charitable Hospitals
9/12/2006 Professor Hyman testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee on Group Healthcare
9/11/2006 Professor Beckett in Crain's Chicago Business story: 'Judicial hellhole' freezes over
9/11/2006 Illinois alumnus and former Visiting Professor Benjamin named to Brazilian Supreme Court
9/5/2006 Professor Jacqueline Ross on WILL-AM "Focus 580" on Undercover Policing and Criminal Procedure


8/15/2006 Professor Kaplan on Pension Bill in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
8/14/2006 Women's Law Society hosts Fourth Annual AMBULANCE CHASE 5K Run/Walk September 17 at Crystal Lake Park
8/14/2006 Professor Ribstein advises Chinese government on partnership law
8/11/2006 Professor Terry article on Tax Classification of Series LLCs to be used at Multi-State Tax Commission Conference
8/4/2006 Career Services kicks off Great American Cities Program - Washington, D.C. - August 31
8/3/2006 Chancellor's Conference on Russia: Business, Politics, Challenges and Opportunities Oct. 12-13 in Chicago
8/3/2006 College announces new Program in Law and Business Policy
8/2/2006 Ribstein in Wall Street Journal Law Blog: "Feds Run Ashore in Nigerian Barge Case"
8/2/2006 Ribstein, Solum in Chicago Lawyer: "Blogs Provide Legal Scholars Wide Platform"
8/22/2006 Professor Solum in Dow Jones Newswire: "Plaintiffs ask full court to review IBM pension decision"
8/21/2006 Governor Jim Blanchard to present Vacketta-DLA Piper Lecture on Government and Law October 5
8/15/2006 SSRN Poll ranks Illinois faculty #9 in total downloads; #7 in papers submitted


7/15/2006 AP, Chicago Tribune, Honolulu Star Bulletin: Boyle to testify in Watada case
7/15/2006 Professor Colombo on non-profit hospitals in Allentown (Penn.) Morning Call
7/24/2006 Leipold paper, "Why are Federal Judges so Acquittal Prone?" highlighted in Rocky Mountain News
7/24/2006 Professor Lawless: New blog site "Credit Slips" focuses on credit and bankruptcy
7/19/2006 Boyle testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee on proposed U.S.-U.K. Extradition Treaty
7/18/2006 Registrar Brenda Stevenson featured in "Inside Illinois"
7/7/2006 Ribstein on Sarbanes-Oxley and COMPETE house bill in ABA Journal
7/7/2006 Tabb in St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Bankruptcy Filers in 'Desperate Need'
7/7/2006 Lawless in Orlando Sentinel: Business Bankruptcies Not Declining
7/7/2006 Ribstein in Forbes and Wall Street Journal: Lay's Death Could Change Government Strategy
7/6/2006 Trial Advocacy Program releases Champaign County Courtroom Study


6/29/2006 Homecoming 2006: "Illinois Now & Forever"
6/29/2006 Lawless in "UPI Worldwide": Bankruptcies Undercounted
6/29/2006 Hyman in "Health Affairs": On Subsidizing Health-Care Providers
6/29/2006 Robbennolt in "Inc." Magazine: Effects of Apologies on Accident Settlements
6/29/2006 Finkin in "Chicago Tribune": Autoworkers 'Flexible' on Concessions
6/29/2006 Kaplan in "On Wall Street " Magazine: 'Longevity Insurance' Explained
6/27/2006 Professors Hyman, Ribstein rank among top SSRN downloaded law faculty
6/27/2006 Illinois ranks among top schools in faculty improvement since 2003
6/9/2006 Professor Solum featured in "Ranking law schools as professor factories" in June 9 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
6/9/2006 "The Illinois White Paper" on human subject testing in Science editorial
6/9/2006 Illinois Program in Law and Economics hosts "The Future of the Commons and the Anticommons" Conference
6/6/2006 Professor Kesan in June 6 BusinessWeek Online on Net-calling patent suit
6/5/2006 Professors Kaplan, Fennell rank in Top 15 in SSRN tax paper downloads
6/5/2006 Professor Ribstein on Enron Task Force in June 5 Wall Street Journal Law Blog
6/2/2006 Ideoblog, Legal Theory and Conglomerate listed as top law blogs in American Lawyer
6/1/2006 Professor Solum quoted on blogging and legal academic scholarship


5/31/2006 Professors Hurt, Ribstein on Conglomerate blog conference on Enron case
5/31/2006 Professor Ribstein in May 30 USA Today on Milberg Weiss case
5/29/2006 Professor Ribstein on growth of LLCs in May 30 Wall Street Journal Online Law Blog
5/24/2006 Professor Pfander editorial on Supreme Court's role in war on terror in May 22 Legal Times
5/22/2006 Professor Ribstein quoted in May 22 USA Today on Milberg Weiss federal indictment
5/22/2006 Professor Kaplan on planning for long-term care and retirement in Community Concierge
5/19/2006 Professor Ribstein on SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley small-company exemption in Wall Street Journal Online Law Blog
5/15/2006 Professor Fennell quoted in Washington Post Mother's Day story on the "Meaning of Gifts"
5/10/2006 Orange in the Big Apple - College hosts New York City reception
5/9/2006 College of Law TV show, "Illinois Law" - Summer 2006 schedule
5/8/2006 Norman Lefstein '61 named 2005 "Champion of Indigent Defense"
5/7/2006 Illinois faculty rank # 7 in latest SSRN productivity poll


4/10/2006 News Media - Expert Faculty Sources
4/10/2006 "Legally Speaking" makes its debut on WGN-AM 720
4/24/2006 First-year student Jeff Weisman enjoys "Dean for a Day" experience
4/24/2006 Professors Hurt, Ribstein and Solum at Harvard Blogging Conference
4/24/2006 Professor Ribstein's article "Are Partners Fiduciaries?" featured in Corporate Practice Commentator
4/19/2006 Illinois ranks # 1 in 2006 Student Quality Increase Survey
4/15/2006 College of Law co-sponsors Earth Week Lecture featuring Smithsonian's Dr. Pete Daniel
4/13/2006 First-year student Amara Enyia writes about doing legal aid volunteer work in New Orleans during Spring Break
4/12/2006 Adjunct Professor Holderman named Chief Judge for U.S. District Court in Northern District of Illinois
4/11/2006 College of Law Spring Gala another smashing success!
4/10/2006 First-year student Amara Enyia writes about doing legal aid volunteer work in New Orleans during Spring Break
4/12/2006 Media Resource Guide - Faculty Experts


3/2/2006 Fourth annual College of Law SPRING GALA set for April 21 at Champaign Country Club
3/2/2006 Baum Elder Law Lecture addresses Elder Abuse Legislation
3/17/2006 "Brain Bender Week" wraps up - 3 lectures in 7 days!
3/6/2006 Law Clinic files Petition for Leave on behalf of client with Illinois Supreme Court
3/8/2006 Social Justice Film Festival TONIGHT features "Breaker Morant"


2/13/2006 "The Age of Networks" IP Symposium
2/8/2006 Illinois faculty rank # 9 in latest SSRN productivity poll
2/4/2006 First-year student Kristopher J. Anderson featured in Ebony magazine
2/4/2006 College of Law alum Pam Strobel named "Chicago Illini of the Year" by UI Alumni Association and Chicago Illini Club
2/26/2006 Epstein Health Care Law and Policy Program presents "Nanotechnology: The Challenges of Regulating Known Unknowns" April 12


1/27/2006 Alice Curtis Campbell Professor Charles Tabb's article cited in U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Central Virginia Community College v. Katz
1/4/2006 Alumni Homecoming Survey
1/4/2006 Professor Stephen Ross testifies before Trade Modernization Commission
1/4/2006 Dean Hurd featured in Beckman Institute's 2006 "Big Brains on Campus" Calendar
1/17/2006 Baum Elder Law Lecture addresses Elder Abuse Legislation
1/31/2006 Real estate leader Sam Zell presents lecture to overflow crowd at College of Law
1/12/2006 College of Law Dean and David C. Baum Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy Heidi Hurd featured on WDWS-AM 1400
1/4/2006 Illinois hosts Region 8 of National Trial Competition
1/4/2006 Vacketta-DLA Piper Lecture featuring former Senator George J. Mitchell replayed statewide on Illinois Channel
1/4/2006 Professor Kaplan quoted on Medicare prescription drug benefit
1/4/2006 College of Law initiates Law and Economics Conference in Guangzhou, China
1/3/2006 Professor Stephen Ross quoted on potential National Football League legal battle with New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson
1/3/2006 Professor Beale talks about Katrina tax break and charitable organizations on NPR's "All Things Considered"