Recent Faculty Hires

2013-2014 Faculty Hires

2012-2013 Faculty Hires

  • photo of Jason Mazzone

    Jason Mazzone
    Constitutional Law and Intellectual Property Law
    J.D. Harvard Law School
    M.A. Stanford University
    LL.M., J.S.D. Yale Law School

2011-2012 Faculty Hires

  • Kenworthey Bilz
    Kenworthey Bilz
    Criminal Law and Evidence
    M.A., Ph.D. Princeton University
    J.D. University of Chicago
  • Paul Heald

    Paul Heald
    Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law
    J.D. University of Chicago
    M.A. University of Illinois

  • Stacey Tutt

    Stacey Tutt
    Poverty Law
    J.D. University of Illinois

  • Melissa Wasserman

    Melissa Wasserman
    Intellectual Property Law
    J.D. New York University
    Ph.D. Princeton University

2010-11 Faculty Hires