Recent Faculty Hires

2015-16 Faculty Hires

  • Vikram David Amar
    Iwan Foundation Professor of Law
    Constitutional Law, Federal Courts, and Civil Procedure
    JD Yale Law School

  • Faye Jones
    Director, Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Memorial Law Library
    Clinical Professor of Law
    M.S. Florida State University
    J.D. Nova Southeastern University Center for the Study of Law 

  • Colleen Murphy
    Associate Professor of Law and Philosophy
    Political Philosophy
    Risk Ethics
    MA, PhD, MA University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

2013-14 Faculty Hires

  • photo of Matthew Andres

    Matthew Andres
    Director, Elder Financial Justice
    Elder Law
    JD University of Michigan

  • photo of Robin Fretwell Wilson

    Robin Fretwell Wilson
    Roger and Stephany Joslin Professor of Law

    Director, Program in Family Law and Policy
    Family Law, Health Law, and Biomedical Ethics
    JD University of Virginia

2012-13 Faculty Hires

  • photo of Jason Mazzone

    Jason Mazzone
    Professor of Law

    Lynn H. Murray Faculty Scholar in Law
    Constitutional Law
    Intellectual Property Law
    JD Harvard Law School
    MA Stanford University
    LLM, JSD Yale Law School

2011-12 Faculty Hires

  • Kenworthey Bilz
    Kenworthey Bilz
    Professor of Law
    Criminal Law
    MA, PhD Princeton University
    JD University of Chicago
  • Paul Heald

    Paul Heald
    Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Professor of Law
    Intellectual Property Law Copyright Law
    JD University of Chicago
    MA University of Illinois

  • Stacey Tutt

    Stacey Tutt
    Director, Community Preservation Clinic
    Poverty Law
    JD University of Illinois

  • Melissa Wasserman

    Melissa Wasserman
    Assistant Professor of Law Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Scholar
    Intellectual Property Law
    JD New York University
    PhD Princeton University

2010-11 Faculty Hires

  • Melissa Frydman

    Melissa Frydman
    Director, Family Advocacy Clinic
    Family Law
    JD Yale Law School

  • Kurt Lash

    Kurt Lash
    Alumni Distinguished Professor of Law
    Director, Program in Constitutional Theory, History, and Law
    Constitutional Law
    JD Yale Law School

  • Arden Rowell

    Arden Rowell
    Assistant Professor of Law
    Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Scholar

    JD University of Chicago

  • Lesley Wexler

    Lesley Wexler
    Associate Professor of Law
    Employment Discrimination
    JD University of Chicago

  • Verity Winship

    Verity Winship
    Assistant Professor of Law
    Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Scholar
    Securities Litigation
    JD Harvard Law School