Eric A. Johnson


Eric A. Johnson joined the Illinois faculty in the fall of 2009 after serving as an associate professor and director of the Prosecution Assistance Program at the University of Wyoming. A noted criminal law scholar, Professor Johnson focuses on fundamental problems of criminal law theory and has published prodigiously in a range of journals, including the Boston University Law Review, the Iowa Law Review, the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, and the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. Professor Johnson received his bachelor of arts cum laude from the University of Washington (where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa) and his J.D. cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School.

Professor Johnson joined the Wyoming faculty in 2004 as an assistant professor and has taught in the areas of criminal law and criminal procedure. Before joining the Wyoming faculty, Eric worked in the offices of both the New York and Alaska attorneys general. From 2001 to 2004, Eric was an assistant solicitor general in the New York State Attorney General's Office. Before that, Eric spent 11 years in Alaska's Office of Special Prosecutions and Appeals, first as an assistant attorney general (1990-1996) and then as chief assistant attorney general (1996-2001). In 2001, Eric was the inaugural recipient of Alaska's Prosecutor of the Year award. During his years in Alaska, Eric also served on the Alaska Supreme Court's Advisory Committees on Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions (1993-2001) and Appellate Rules (1998-2001). From 1988 to 1989, Eric was a law clerk to Alaska Supreme Court Justice Allen Compton.