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Sara Benson

Public Engagement
Sexuality and the Law
On Wednesday, April 29th, Professor Sara Benson will join the Director of Communications for the Illinois Chapter of the ACLU to discuss the oral arguments in the same sex marriage cases before the United States Supreme Court.  The public lecture will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room in the Normal Public Library.

Rummana Alam, Sara Benson

In The Media
Legal Analysis and Writing
Professors Alam and Benson were highlighted in the local media for the innovative use of singing in the legal writing classroom.

Arden Rowell

Economics, Law and Society
Professor Arden Rowell presented on "Valuation in the Law" at the University of Minnesota Law School Faculty Workshop.

Robin Fretwell Wilson

In The Media
Civil Rights and Discrimination, Sexuality and the Law, Religion
Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson was both cited and in the media during March 2015 helping to pass very successful legislation in Utah regarding -- LGBT anti-discrimination bill passes Utah test

See what transpired here:

Pressconference on grand bargain bill: am not quoted but in video giving guidance to Senator Adams)

Hearingon grand bargain bill, sb 296:

Hearingon Sb 297:

Underthe video player you will see bills, click in Sb0297, the same-sex marriage andreligious liberty bill.

Eric Freyfogle

Natural Resources Law
The leading law publisher, West, has just issued in its prestigious American Casebook Series a new version of the natural resources law casebook by Swanlund Chair and law professor Eric Freyfogle.  The casebook, Natural Resources Law: Power, Governance, and the Common Good, is a thorough revision of Freyfogle's earlier casebook on the subject, published in 2007.  This time Freyfogle has brought on two co-authors, Professor Michael Blumm of Lewis & Clark Law School and Professor Blake Hudson of the LSU Law Center.  The book is the only one in the field that comprehensively surveys natural resources on privately owned lands, as well as resources on federal lands, and is thus particularly well suited for use in law schools in the central and eastern parts of the United States.

Arden Rowell

Economics, Law and Society
Professor Arden Rowell presented on "Valuation in the Law" to Penn State Law in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Eric Freyfogle

Property-Personal and Real
Swanlund Chair and Law Professor Eric Freyfogle served as one of three leading senior property law scholars at a property law gathering at Tulane University law school in New Orleans on March 27.  His presentation, "Property and Human Flourishing," drew upon an essay largely written while at the Institute for Advanced Study in South Africa and published recently in a leading South African law journal.  Freyfogle explained his plans to expand his wide-ranging essay into a new book that considers critically how contemporary property ideas and arrangements might be revised so that they better promote the common good. He will engage particularly with the current ills of ecological degradation, economic inequality, and sagging democracy.

Robin Fretwell Wilson

Career News
Sexuality and the Law, Religion, Civil Rights and Discrimination

Profressor Robin Fretwell Wilson Particpated in the following---


SB296 - Audio - House Judiciary Committee:

SB297 - Audio - House Judiciary committee:



SB296 - Audio -  Senate Business and Labor Committee:

SB297 – Audio - Senate Business and Labor Committee:



SB296 – Video – Senate Floor:

SB297 – Video – Senate Floor:

SB296 and SB 297 – Video – House Floor:


Eric Freyfogle

Law and Society
Swanlund Chair and Professor of Law Eric Freyfogle appeared at the Cleveland Marshall College of Law in Cleveland on March 24-26 as its annual endowed Cleveland-Marshall Fund visitor.  While there he delivered a public address entitled "The Next 250 Years," in which he probed leading challenges facing the nation (environmental decline, economic injustice, and sagging democracy) and called for a redirection of progressive thought and rhetoric, lessening the nation's longstanding focus on liberal individualism and civil rights by emphasizing interdependence, shared plights, and the overall health of social and natural communities.  His visit also included seminar and class presentations and a talk to the law faculty.

Arden Rowell

Career News
Economics, Environmental Law
Professor Arden Rowell has completed a month-and-a-half federal detail at the Environmental Protection Agency. Illinois was asked to lend her expertise to the agency's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE), which works as a centralized source of technical expertise in analyzing the economic and health impacts of environmental regulations and policies.