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Legal Externships - Law 692


Legal Externships offer students the opportunity to receive credit for pro bono work for a nonprofit organization, or judicial or governmental agency.  The definition “pro bono work” for purposes of the externship is consistent with that set forth for the Optional Transcript of Pro Bono Service and is described in these materials.


Your externship placement needs to be approved by our office before you can begin to count your hours.  Any hours that are accrued before you turn in your application cannot be accepted by our office.


The student will receive 1 ungraded credit for each 60 hours of pro bono work up to a maximum of 9 credit hours (540 hours of pro bono work) for a student’s entire law school experience.  No more than 4 credits (240 hours) may be earned in any one semester. A student may enroll for up to a maximum 4 credits for placements in Illinois, and up to 3 credits for placements elsewhere. There is a 120 work hour/2 credit per semester minimum requirement for each agency/organization.  The Externship Office will take care of all registration of credits.  You will not need to register for this course, rather our office will register you once your application has been turned in and approved. If you are a joint program MBA/JD student, you cannot participate in this program during your first year.


Please note that the work must be legal in nature.  If you perform clerical and administrative work, this cannot count towards the hours available for externship credit.  To ensure that you are obtaining a meaningful educational experience, we will be periodically contacting your supervisors to discuss the nature and quality of work.


Basic Requirements / Information:


            ✦        The student must work a minimum of 120 hours for 2 credits


            ✦        The maximum credits the student can obtain for work outside of Illinois is 3

                        credits unless prior approval is received


            ✦        The maximum credits the student can obtain for work inside of Illinois is 4



            ✦        The student must have an Externship Application approved prior to beginning any work


            ✦        Time Reports must be signed by both the student and his/her immediate supervisor


            ✦        Time Reports must be turned in every 2 weeks


            ✦        Time Reports that are more than 5 days past due cannot be accepted


            ✦        The student must submit a Midterm electronically by the deadline given in Welcome

                        email.(see Midterm Self-Evaluation Link)


            ✦        The student must submit a Final electronically by the deadline given in Welcome

                        email. (see Final Examination Link)


            ✦        The student must check e-mail weekly         



Note: If you work for more hours than the class credit requires, you may be eligible for a “Pro Bono Service” designation on your transcript.  Please see the separate materials pertaining to Optional Transcript Notation of Pro Bono Service, which can be found in a link on the left side of this page.


Communicating with our office is a very important aspect of completing this course.  If you have any questions or problems throughout the summer, please let us know and we will work with you as best as we can.


Here is a link to some of our most frequently asked questions here in the Externship Office

Q & A Updated Fall 2011.pdf (88.36 kb)



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