- Suggested Tasks For Externs




Suggested Tasks For Externs 




This list has been prepared to provide supervisors and law students with some suggestions as to the possible activities of externs.


     1.  Research and Writing




            •citation editing

            •searching public records


     2.  Investigating

            •interviewing witnesses

            •taking statements

            •collecting documents and physical evidence

            •photographing potential evidence


     3.  Drafting



            •discovery documents


            •property transfer papers



     4.  Trial Activities


            •arranging and supervising service of process

            •filing papers in court

            •preparing exhibits

            •preparing witnesses for testimony

            •drafting jury instructions

            •investigating jury records

            •negotiating collection of money judgments


     5.  Observing and Taking Notes

            •meetings with clients


            •settlement negotiations


     6.  Conferencing

            •evaluating prospective cases

            •discussing facts and law

            •discussing settlement, trial or appeal


     7.  Managing Files or Office Activities

            •assembling case files

            • abstracting case files



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