- Application/Important Information


Externship Application




Your application must have an actual physical signature.  You may not use an "e/signature" or a drawing software tool to sign your name.  It must be an actual - hand-to-paper - signature.


Please be sure that you are selecting the appropriate application, as there are two different documents to choose from.  One is for students completing externships during the summer semester and the other is for students who are completing externships during the Fall or Spring semesters.


If you are doing an externship during the summer semester, you are required to read the Summer Financial Aid Information letter which will be posted around Spring Break each Spring semester.  Within the Externship Program, there are a few different options for students to choose from during the summer semester that are not available during the fall or spring semesters.  This letter will give you the necessary information that will assist you in choosing which of the options is best for you.


When finished filling out the application, please submit in Room 338 for processing. 


Fall and Spring Application Law 692.pdf (157.24 kb) - To be used if you are working in the Fall or Spring Semesters.


Summer Externship Financial Aid Information Cover Letter.pdf (131.92 kb)

Summer Application Law 693.pdf (105.63 kb) - To be used if you are working during the Summer semester and applying your credits to either the Summer or the Fall.

Financial Aid 2015.pdf (217.75 kb) - Financial Aid information for 2015. This contains a brief overview of financial aid, the application, and the fee schedule. Any questions about Financial aid can be directed to Julie Griffin in the financial aid office.

Legal Research Externship Orientation.pdf (150.39 kb) - This document was created by Heather Simmons to provide some information regarding legal research during your externship.  The LibGuide is linked in this document as well.