-1L Extern Conference Sign-Up


To all 1L Students:


If you are considering completing a Legal Externship while at the College of Law, you will need to meet with Professor Pahre.  Once you have met with Professor Pahre, you will need to set up a meeting with Ellen Rund to discuss the requirements of the program. Nearly all of our law students complete externships, and most of these are done following the 1L year.  An externship presents the chance to see what legal practice is all about in an area of law that interests you!


To begin the process, simply go to https://www.law.uiuc.edu/intranet/extern/ and fill out the "Pre-Meeting Interest" form.  Once you have filled that out, you will need to choose a meeting time on the page that comes up to set up a meeting with Professor Pahre.  Once you have your time with Professor Pahre, please choose a time to meet with Ellen that is after your initial meeting. Meetings will be conducted during the months of September, October, and November.