Wes Jackson: "The Necessity of Historical Imagination When Contemplating the Future of Agricultureā€

Thursday, April 04, 2013
Max L. Rowe Auditorium, College of Law Building
12:00 PM–1:15 PM

The University of Illinois College of Law's Program in Law and Philosophy and the Environmental Law Society present:

"The Necessity of Historical Imagination When Contemplating the Future of Agriculture”

Wes Jackson, Ph.D.
President of The Land Institute

Talk Description:

By pioneering the use of perennial food crops, Dr. Jackson seeks to demonstrate how a new agriculture can leave soil intact, prevent erosion, and eliminate the use of environmentally harmful fertilizers and pesticides, while feeding the world’s growing population. He is a strong advocate for the development of a perennial polyculture that mimics nature.


Wes Jackson is the Founder and current President of The Land Institute, which pursues the development of “natural systems agriculture” and publishes The Land Report, a widely-subscribed newsletter about American sustainable agriculture and agrarianism. He has a B.A. in biology form Kansas Wesleyan, an M.A. in botany from the University of Kansas, and a Ph.D. in genetics from North Carolina State University. He was a Professor of biology at Kansas Wesleyan and later established the Environmental Studies department at California State University, Sacramento, where he became a tenured full Professor. He resigned that position in 1976 and returned to Kansas to found The Land Institute. Dr. Jackson’s recent publications include Nature as Measure (2011) and Consulting the Genius of the Place: An Ecological Approach to a New Agriculture (2010).

Among many awards, Dr. Jackson is a recipient of the Pew Conservation Scholars award (1990), a MacArthur Fellowship (1992), the Right Livelihood Award (Stockholm) known as “Alternative Nobel Prize” (2000), the Louis Bromfield Award (2010), and four honorary doctorates.