Student Resources

Finding a legal job in this economy can be challenging. Of course, legal employers seek lawyers who are bright and hard working. But now, they are looking for more. They seek new lawyers who are efficient, are experienced in handling legal problems, and have practical skills. They also seek new lawyers who demonstrate initiative, take ownership of clients’ legal problems, solve problems, lead and manage projects, and work effectively in teams.

Illinois Law’s curriculum is designed with this ideal early-career lawyer in mind. Classes are designed to hone students’ legal skills. Journals, clinics, externships, fellowships, and other activities offer opportunities to develop the experience and skills needed to compete in the legal marketplace. Students are taught by a world-class faculty, including leaders in burgeoning, cutting-edge fields such as health care, financial regulation, and bankruptcy. Students are also taught by some of the nation’s leading practitioners in specialized fields such as oil and gas law, venture capital, and aviation finance.

In addition, the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development offers a variety of programs to help you build your career. Please take a moment to learn more about the types of services that we offer.