Since 1897, the University of Illinois College of Law has offered students a rigorous, broad-ranging, and innovative legal education on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, one of the world's great research universities.

With a nationally renowned faculty, a rich and diverse curriculum, myriad opportunities for professional training, and the expansive resources of a world-class, comprehensive research university, Illinois Law features a first-rate academic program designed to prepare students to excel in their future professional careers.

The JD degree

The Juris Doctor (JD) is a professional doctorate and first professional graduate degree in law, and allows individuals to take the bar exam in all 50 states. The JD program at the University of Illinois is full-time for three years of study.

JD Admissions

The LLM degree

The Master of Laws (LLM) is an intermediate professional degree designed for foreign educated lawyers or students holding an undergraduate degree in law or other field. In select states, the LLM degree may allow individuals to take the bar exam. The LLM program at the University of Illinois is full-time for one year or may be split into two one-semester years for employer-sponsored students.

LLM Admissions

The MSL degree

The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) program is for accomplished professionals and academics in other disciplines who want to learn about the law in order to strengthen their professional skills. It is a non-professional, terminal degree program designed for those who have had no legal training, do not desire a professional law degree, and do not wish to practice law. Students can enroll full-time and complete the degree in one year, or enroll part-time and complete the degree in two years.

MSL Admissions

The JSD degree

The Doctor of the Science of Law (JSD) is primarily for students who intend to pursue an academic career and provides an opportunity for extended study, research, and scholarly development. An LLM from an accredited U.S. law schools is required.

JSD Admissions

Which degree is right for me?

  I want to practice law... I want to learn more about U.S. law, but I don’t want to practice law…
I have U.S. bachelor degree… JD MSL
I have an international non-law degree… JD LLM
I have an international law degree… JD or LLM LLM