After a first year of core legal courses, an exceptionally liberal approach to course scheduling offers students the ability to custom tailor their schedules to meet individual needs and interests.


Students follow a curriculum that concentrates on fundamental legal areas in their first two semesters. Each first-year student is assigned to a small — half the usual class size — section of a substantive course taught by a full professor, allowing greater opportunities for expanded discussion with noted scholars in these legal areas.

1L Courses

2L and 3L

During the second and third years, students must complete both an upper level writing requirement and a course in professional responsibility. Beyond these requirements, they may choose from more than 100 course offerings. Students also may receive up to six hours of credit for study in another discipline, complementing their legal education with advanced coursework in top-ranked University departments, such as accounting, engineering, computer science, and social work.

Current course offerings are listed below by areas of concentration and general offerings. Many courses will have implications in multiple fields and areas of law. Students are encouraged to review the Course Counseling Handbook for comprehensive course listings for each area of interest and for important course selection information. Some of the courses listed below are not offered every semester or every year, making advanced planning especially important.

Second and Third Year (2L & 3L) Courses

Business, Commercial, and Corporate Law

Law 624: Real Estate Finance
Law 629: Bankruptcy
Law 631: Secured Transactions
Law 633: Business Associations I
Law 633: Business Association I (Graduate Section)
Law 634: Securities Regulation
Law 635: Securities Litigation
Law 642: Antitrust Law
Law 792: Real Estate Transactions
Law 792: Business and Human Rights
Law 792: U.S. Corporate Governance
Law 792: Aircraft Finance
Law 794: Mergers & Acquisitions
Law 794: Bankruptcy Procedure
Law 794: International Bankruptcy (Champaign)
Law 794: Doing Business in Japan
Law 794: Real Estate Development
Law 794: Technology Strategy
Law 794: Corporate Reorganizations
Law 798: Corporate Counsel Seminar
Law 798: Corporate Governance
Law 798: Perspectives on Debt

Clinical and Experiential Learning

Law 692: Appellate Defender
Law 692: Legislative Projects
Law 692: Innocence Project
Law 692: Intellectual Property Clinic - Trademark
Law 692: Legal Externships
Law 692: Domestic Violence - Immigration Clinic
Law 692: Advanced Innocence Project
Law 692: Corporate Counsel Externship--Summer 2016
Law 692: Intellectual Property Clinic - Patent
Law 693: Elder Financial Justice Clinic
Law 693: Community Preservation Clinic
Law 693: Family Advocacy Clinic
Law 693: Federal Civil Rights Clinic
Law 693: Civil Litigation Clinic
Law 696: Advance Clinical Legislative Internship

Core Practice

Law 668: Decedents' Estates and Trusts
Law 680: Professional Responsibility
Law 682: Evidence
Law 682: Evidence - Summer Session
Law 686: Remedies
Law 792: Conflict of Laws
Law 792: Small Firm Practice
Law 792: Poverty and the Law
Law 792: Fundamentals of Legal Practice (Graduate Section)
Law 792: Restitution and Unjust Enrichment
Law 794: Financial Accounting for Lawyers
Law 796: Fundamentals of U.S. Law Practice (Graduate Section)
Law 798: Sports Law Seminar

Criminal Law and Procedure

Law 605: Criminal Procedure: Investigations
Law 679: Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Law 692: Federal Appellate Defender
Law 795: Federal Criminal Practice
Law 795: Criminal Practice Ethics
Law 795: International Criminal Law
Law 798: Comparative Criminal Procedure

Environmental and Natural Resources

Law 616: Environmental Law & Policy
Law 618: Natural Resources
Law 792: Oil and Gas I
Law 792: The Scholarship of Sustainability
Law 792: Applied Environmental Law
Law 792: Energy and Natural Resources Transactions
Law 798: Environmental Ethics
Law 798: Environmental Policy

Family Law, Health Care Law, and Torts

Law 620: Health Law (online)
Law 620: Health Law
Law 667: Family Law
Law 670: Elder Law
Law 792: Specialized Family Law: Domestic Violence
Law 792: Biomedical Ethics
Law 793: Family Law Practice

Government, Administrative, and Constitutional

Law 615: Administrative Law
Law 625: State and Local Government
Law 684: Federal Courts
Law 792: The Constitutional Law of U.S. Foreign Affairs
Law 792: Immigration Law
Law 792: Privacy and Security Law
Law 792: National Security Law
Law 792: First Amendment
Law 792: The Bill of Rights
Law 792: Representative Government in the State of Illinois
Law 798: Constitutional Law Colloquium
Law 798: Illinois Constitutional Law and Politics
Law 798: The Reconstruction Amendments
Law 798: Supreme Court Seminar
Law 798: Constitutional Theory, History and Law
Law 798: State Constitutional Law and Contemporary Public Policy (Champaign)

Intellectual Property

Law 643: Trademark, Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection
Law 644: Copyright Law
Law 645: Patent Law
Law 797: Transactional Intellectual Property
Law 797: International Intellectual Property
Law 797: Digital Forensics I
Law 797: Digital Forensics II
Law 797: Patent Research and Strategy Seminar
Law 797: Advanced Patent Practice
Law 797: Introduction to Intellectual Property
Law 797: Patent Litigation
Law 797: Patent Prosecution
Law 798: IP Colloquium

International and Comparative

Law 653: International Business Transactions
Law 654: International Trade Policy
Law 656: International Law
Law 657: International Human Rights Law
Law 792: Laws of War
Law 796: Globalization
Law 796: Comparative Constitutional Law
Law 796: The European Union in a Global Context
Law 796: International Trade Negotiations
Law 796: EU Institutions and Governance
Law 796: Anti-Terrorism Law & Policy
Law 796: Human Resource Management in a Multi-National Legal Environment

Jurisprudential, Social Science, and Historical Perspectives

Law 687: Jurisprudence
Law 792: Empirical Methods in Law
Law 792: Talmudic Law-Legal Reasoning and Adaptation
Law 792: Islamic Law
Law 792: Children, Culture, and Violence
Law 792: Psychology & the Law
Law 792: Juvenile Law
Law 792: Power, Privilege, and Constitutional Law
Law 798: Legal Cultures of Early America
Law 798: Ethics and Public Policy
Law 798: Regulating Risks

Labor and Employment Law

Law 660: Individual Employee Rights
Law 662: Labor Law I
Law 664: Employment Discrimination
Law 665: Workplace Dispute Resolution
Law 794: Employee Benefits
Law 798: Labor Law and Public Policy

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Law 683: Complex Litigation
Law 685: Dispute Resolution
Law 694: Trial Team
Law 694: Trial Advocacy
Law 694: Advanced Trial Advocacy - Criminal Trial Section
Law 694: Advanced Trial Advocacy - Civil Trial Section
Law 695: Fundamentals of Trial Practice
Law 695: Trial Advocacy (Graduate Section)
Law 792: Complex Litigation: Mass Actions, Class Actions, and Related Topics (Champaign)
Law 793: Moot Court
Law 793: Negotiation Skills and Strategies
Law 793: Advanced Legal Writing: Appellate Advocacy (Moot Court)
Law 793: CFI: Interviewing, Counseling and Fact Investigation
Law 793: Pretrial Litigation
Law 798: Fact Investigation: The Kennedy Assassination

Research and Writing

Law 599: Thesis Research
Law 696: Legal Problems--Law Journals
Law 696: Legal Problems--Law Journals (Graduate Section)
Law 699: Independent Study
Law 792: Advanced Legal Research
Law 792: Advanced Legal Research with Writing Practice (Graduate Section)
Law 792: JSD Directed Readings
Law 792: Immersion Journalism
Law 792: Advanced Legal Research: Illinois Legal Research
Law 792: Advanced Legal Research: Corporate
Law 792: Writing for Law Practice
Law 794: Advanced Legal Writing: Transactional Writing
Law 794: Advanced Legal Writing: Insurance Coverage
Law 798: Comparative Analysis of Legal Practice
Law 798: J.S.D. Legal Scholarship


Law 647: Income Taxation
Law 648: Corporate Taxation
Law 649: Partnership Taxation
Law 651: Tax Exempt Organizations
Law 794: State and Local Taxation
Law 798: Federal Tax Policy

Chicago Program Courses

Law 692 : Access to Justice Practicum
Law 792 : Complex Litigation: Mass Actions, Class Actions, and Related Topics
Law 792 : Cybersecurity and the Legal System
Law 792 : Compliance, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility
Law 793 : Advanced Trial Advocacy and Professional Responsibility
Law 793 : Advanced Illinois Civil Procedure and Appellate Practice
Law 794 : Private Investment Funds
Law 794 : International Bankruptcy (Chicago)
Law 794 : Executive Compensation
Law 794 : Transactional Law Practicum
Law 798 : The Business of Law
Law 798 : State Constitutional Law and Contemporary Public Policy