Clinical and Field Placement Programs

Working with real clients on real problems through our Clinics and Field Placements is one of the richest ways to learn about lawyering because of the complexity and depth that clients bring to the experience.

The College of Law offers a variety of in-house and field placement programs where students have the opportunity to work with and solve problems for real clients.

Learning professionalism, skills, substantive law, procedure, and ethics, participating students find these courses to be among the most satisfying law school experiences as they synthesize what they have learned and apply that knowledge to helping an actual person or organization.

In contrast to a standard work environment, the Clinics and Field Placements, which are considered courses, provide opportunities for students to experience law practice in a supportive, reflective setting that is focused on their learning. Students experiment with different styles of lawyering and explore a variety of legal work that may assist them in choosing a career path.

Clinics and Field Placements also provide students with a valuable service opportunity. All of the Clinics provide free legal services to individuals and organizations that would not otherwise have access to legal representation.

Watch Matt Andres, Clinic Director, Speak About Our Clinical Programs

In-house Clinics

Field Placements